House Adam

In 2015 we were commissioned by the Adam Family Trust to design a second home for a family on Garlington Estate in Hilton. The climate in Hilton varies from cold, dry winters to hot summers with rain and mist. The Estate follows a design code that is intended to create ‘village architecture‘ with an aesthetic quality reminiscent of rural Natal Architecture and Stellenbosch Town Architecture. The placement plan for the site was too restricting so we motivated successfully for relaxation of one of the building lines.

The concept for the house is a series of barns that have strongly-expressed roofs oversailing the gable ends and wrapping over the south elevations as cladding. The north orientation of the large openings will ensure solar gain in winter while the pergola roof will protect the openings in the summer months. The barn volumes are open into the roof voids with glass gables to ensure an abundance of natural light and a generous sense of space. The arrangement of the barns creates private gardens and courtyard spaces, but also maximizes north orientation to all living and bedroom areas.

Project Info