Project Info


2011 - 2014




KZNIA Vol. 40

Manor Gardens Primary School

The Additions to Manor Gardens Primary School project* was completed in 2014. Initially, the funder wished to invest in a single building. We reviewed the requirements and proposed a masterplan or framework which would see funding being distributed where it was actually needed. User participation was critical to understanding problem areas, and generating successful design solutions.

Five new facilities were added – a new grade R block, new media centre, junior and senior aftercare facilities, a multipurpose block with music, art and science rooms, a junior library/reading room and a sports pavilion and tuckshop. Key objectives in the design were – child-friendly environments with good connections to outdoors and abundance of natural light and ventilation, generous covered-open space as opportunities for learning and play, rainwater-recycling and re-use for flushing toilets (a major water user in schools), purpose-designed fittings in natural timber and calm colours.

*this project was awarded a Commendation Award by the KZN Institute for Architecture in 2015.

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