Montebello Boarding School

At the end of 2018 we were approached by the Sisters at ‘Our Lady of the Holy Rosary’ Convent at Montebello (near Wartburg, KZN) to undertake a masterplan for their existing boarding house. The boarding house facility is spread out across 7 buildings that have been developed over the last 80 years. Our approach was to record and measure all the existing infrastructure accurately on CAD. We then undertook a rigorous user-participation process to ensure that everyone from the most senior Nuns to the most junior students had a say in the process of developing ‘the brief’. Workshops were held on-site and everyone got involved. Once the brief was recorded, we sketched some initial designs which were presented for feedback. Based on this, a final masterplan was designed and drawn and will form the basis for all future development. The masterplan aims to integrate the different buildings with covered walkways, to create a ‘heart’ and focus to the campus in the form of a shallow amphitheatre for socialising and performance. New buildings – a chapel, a multi-purpose media and ‘time-out’ facility, an outdoor gym, a new dining hall and dormitory above, new court, driveway and importantly – gardens, courtyards and vegetable garden are all incorporated in the design. The Sisters are aiming at a first phase of work as soon as funding has been procured – watch this space!

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