In 2014 we were appointed to undertake a masterplan for a privately-run primary school on the edge of a saligna-plantation near New Hanover, KZN. More than 150 learners – children of men and women working in the area -are currently under the tutelage and care of several hard-working and dedicated local mothers and teachers. With minimal funding from the state, these women and men are doing whatever it takes to ensure no child is left behind. The masterplan is a valuable tool in terms of accurately representing the facilities they have now, but also graphically encompassing the vision for the school into the future. The Australian funders who support the school are able to see that there are sound planning principles in place and that the funds are going toward something that has been professionally and holistically developed. Nothing haphazard is added but every contribution goes towards building the whole. The first phase has been completed and we continue to be involved in the project.

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2014 - current